Skitter Products is a product line developed solely for speedskiers

Using state-of-the-art -3D modeling, different production methods and special know-how of our cooperators we are working on to find the most cost-efficient production methods.
We aim to bring all of our products with affordable price for every racer out there.

We cherish the finnish speedski heritage and do our best to help new skiers all around the world to join speedskiing community.

Our final research and development will be done on the racetracks.
We use what we make and we stand behind of everything that we put out there.
You can come at any time to tap on the shoulder in the races or trainings if you want to see and learn more of our gear, waxes or training equipment we are offering.

And finally the most important part of our company is our customers. 
This is why we value any feedback you might have and our development leans heavily on user experiences since we do know that there is no such thing as "fits for all".

Our product line started during the season 2019 with the S1 suit which we continue to develop also in the future. Check it out from HERE and learn more.


Skitter products -team